Creating a competitive advantage is essential to importing thriving. Argus for importers specializes in landed cost calculations, and all the POEfficient importing demands a set of collected and managed data from the different parties and trading partners. Argus helps you manage a smooth importing process through orders management.

In today’s competitive markets, cost allocation is essential to be able to distribute the exact import costs and taxes. Argus calculates the costs of the items correctly which will be allocated automatically across P.O items. This process will avoid later problems and assure correct product costing.

Argus Trading technology allows the management of the entire import process starting from pre-entry through customs clearance to post-entry validations, all in a single consolidated platform.


Leading retailers are moving towards unifying the business systems and the data that feeds them in order to deliver clear and enhanced customer service while pushing growth and maximized income.

With Argus Trading, efficiently analyze, order, price and distribute inventory across your channels. Control error-free inventory distribution and keep track of replenishment cycles through a sophisticated automated ordering system.

Manage your retail enterprise with key metrics covering retail inventory, sales reports and purchases.


Argus designs a completely integrated accounting and inventory software system specifically for wholesaling. It covers wholesale businesses such as order entry and invoicing, purchase orders, bank management, inter-warehouse transfers, lot tracking and inventory management.

Through Argus you can plan inventory management and ensure the right balance of inventory to meet future demands and close the loop in your supply chain.

Argus Trading technology allows lot tracking through trailing individual group of products end-to-end, from your warehouse to retailers and customers.


Argus enables improving the management of costings, sales, stock and expiry. Argus Trading features allow the assigning of expiration dates to items during or immediately after receiving them, random or sequential selling, automatic prompt to reorder inventory with expiration dates prior to item expiring.

Keep track of inventory replenishment and ensure the recharge of pharmaceutical products for anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum.

Car Dealers

Car dealership businesses can achieve better management solutions with Argus support structure. Manage and track vehicle inventories, sort inventory by any field and track all vehicle expenses such as vehicle purchase, repair, service and other costs.

Argus provides easy ongoing data entry process and instant history recall by storing a complete services and purchase history for each client. Maintenance job management is effort-free, book the vehicle in, view one click history for the last job completed, provide the necessary parts, create the invoice and update the history data.

With Argus Trading keep track of invoices, receipts, reports and stock control.