Money Transfer & Exchange

Argus provides a robust, cost-effective and flexible currency exchange solutions for automating foreign exchange operations. Argus Services manages all aspects of money exchange business from buying and selling currency to stock transfers between branches and cashiers. Information necessary for transactions such as name of beneficiary, exchange reason, currency, buying/selling rate and amount purchased/sold are stored in the system.

Currency inventory can be managed by safe, location or cashier. Argus also manages the transfer processes whether international or local. The system tracks down the currency movement from all inter-branch transfers, as well as to other money transfer networks. Argus stores details of salesperson, manage exchange commissions and other charges generated.

Argus Services retrieves and generates a black list cross check for every money transfer.

Loyalty cards can be generated for frequent customers which avoids repeated details fill-in.


In Real Estate Contracting, right project management is the essential strategy for business growth. Argus Services enables times tracking and real cost estimation, as well as to the ability to see all derivables and tasks across the team in an extensive manner.

With Argus you can track and manage real state contact obligations such as owned property agreements, lease agreements and service level agreements. Keep track of costs of ownerships and determine real estate asset transactions alternatives and avoid lease penalties and overpayments.

Argus allows you to save time and reduce associated costs by efficiently organizing tasks, access important spreadsheets and timelines which can be shared with all the members of the working team any time.