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DenPro works with all dental practice offices to provide solutions that help them be first class in their specialty. These solutions enable offices to have satisfied patients, operate at peak efficiency, and exceed patient expectations.

Educating clients demands the highest levels of excellence and practical systems from the operators. DenPro has provided dentists with confident treatments for the past 20 years.


All bases tightly covered.

DenPro helps you concentrate on details and a clear view of the big picture. one click on the patient name gives you access to important practice analysis information. Track procedures, make adjusmtements and take advantage of opportunities. Meaningful data allows you to fine-tune your practice to ensure peak operationg efficiency.

  • Journal Voucher
  • General ledger summary
  • General leger-local currency
  • General Ledger-foreign currency
  • Statement of account
  • Unbalanced clients-local currency
  • Unbalanced clients-foreign currency
  • Unbalanced supliers-local currency
  • Unbalanced suppliers-foreign currency
  • List of accounts
  • Account types
  • Cash flow
  • Cash flow-local currency
  • Cash flow-foreign currency
  • Statement of cash clinic-local currency
  • Statement of cash clinic-foreign currency
  • Birthday list
  • Patient list
  • Family members list
  • Receipt list
  • Appointment history
  • Daily appointments
  • Unpaid accounts
  • Phone book
  • Periodic by day
  • Periodic by month
  • Periodic by year
  • Periodic by operation_detailed
  • Periodic by operation
  • Medical by graph_detailed
  • Medical by graph
  • Medical by division