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DenPro works with all dental practice offices to provide solutions that help them be first class in their specialty. These solutions enable offices to have satisfied patients, operate at peak efficiency, and exceed patient expectations.

Educating clients demands the highest levels of excellence and practical systems from the operators. DenPro has provided dentists with confident treatments for the past 20 years.

Patient Records
Patient Records

DenPro Electronic patient record has the potential to bring huge benefits to patients. Storing and sharing information electronically can speed up clinical communication, reduce the number of errors, and assist dentists in diagnosis and treatment.

It is with utmost importance to all parties involved - the dentist, the patient and the insurance providers - that a system for quick record retrieval and easy access is seamlessly integrated into the daily workflow of any given dental practice.

DenPro provides an easy and efficient solution to achieve electronic document filing, unparalleled organisation, easy retrieval times, minimal physical storage space an

As a paperless office solution system, DenPro revolutionises the way a medical office functions. A customisable interface will allow dentists to markup patient data and documentation with all necessary tags to assure that specific notes and records will be categorised, indexed, and preserved far better than any paper filling system.