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DenPro works with all dental practice offices to provide solutions that help them be first class in their specialty. These solutions enable offices to have satisfied patients, operate at peak efficiency, and exceed patient expectations.

Educating clients demands the highest levels of excellence and practical systems from the operators. DenPro has provided dentists with confident treatments for the past 20 years.

Digital Records
Digital Records

Save time, paper & money with DenPro’s digital records.

DenPro enables your dental office to go paperless by capturing digital records for all your patient forms. All forms are completely customisable, and can b completed using a computer and an electronic signature device, eliminating the need for paper record keeping altogether.

DenPro also enables your patients to complete their forms online, prior to their office visit. DenPro offers patients a large number of financial options including pre-payment, post-dated payment, electronic claims and a balance management plan.

DenPro also tracks post-dated cheque and credit card payments and reminds you to post the payments on the appropriate date.

DenPro can adapt to the financial needs of almost any practice. It supports several models for sharing revenue among owner dentists, associate dentists and hygienists. DenPro provides excellent support for insurance assignment and is equally effective for practices that do not accept assignment.

DenPro makes it incredibly easy to add insurance and patient payments with the patient ledger, to identity owed amounts and family balances.