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DenPro works with all dental practice offices to provide solutions that help them be first class in their specialty. These solutions enable offices to have satisfied patients, operate at peak efficiency, and exceed patient expectations.

Educating clients demands the highest levels of excellence and practical systems from the operators. DenPro has provided dentists with confident treatments for the past 20 years.

Dental Charting
Dental Charting
  • DenPro’s one click treatment plan screen lets you plan treatment more efficiently than ever.
  • DenPro’s electronic charting is a comprehensive technology which replaces charting on paper.
  • Clinical data, once certified, is a permanent and secure part of the patient record.
  • DenPro provides more than a dynamic dental charting, it is also your gateway to effective clinical image and data management.
  • DenPro gives you more features than any other charting programs which adds more value to your practice.
  • Charting patient conditions has never been easier! Whether you prefer a mouse, touch screen or touch pad, DenPro is adaptable.
  • The Power Toolbar is completely customisable, providing intuitive, time saving icons for faster. more accurate charting.
  • Your investment in DenPro puts you in command of the clinical technologies that are a vital element of your strategy for successful dentistry.