Transform the way you manage your business.

With Argus ERP Finance, SoftMachine delivers a flexible, best in class software solution to the challenges faced by business in today’s economy.

Argus helps companies to support their enterprise financial information needs, from transactions to reporting and collaborative commerce.


Change is a constant, and successful businesses find strategies to face new challenges and take advantage of the opportunities they present. In finance, it’s a constant quest to achieve higher performance, optimize internal functions, and enable the whole enterprise to focus on core components.

In order to use resources more efficiently, you need high quality information about many aspects of your company’s performance. By analyzing your financial profile you can set realistic goals and help to enhance predictability. That requires flexible financial reporting tools that show you the big picture across multiple business units, and the specific detail of deeper analysis, or for legal periodic results.

With advanced business modeling, state-of-the-art functionality, Argus ERP financial solution goes far beyond conventional financial information systems. The general ledger lets you record financial transactions at an individual company or group level, creating flexible chart of accounts with easy-to-use segment structures.

Flexible legal and management reporting capabilities are also available thanks to close integration of financial statement structures and financial data from the financial reporting system to the Crystal Enterprise reporting tool.

Argus ERP finance helps make your company’s financial performance more predictable. It offers advanced control over traditional finance functions, advanced financial planning and analysis, and helps you manage relationships with different players in your financial supply chain: customers, suppliers, alliances and banks.

General Ledger

Argus finance components offer customers a comprehensive overview of company business from any perspective they wish. At the same time, they can follow and control each financial transaction in detail.

These components simplify accounting, enhance control capacity at all levels of the organization and support change processes—whatever business our customers are in.

Accounts Receivable

Argus accounts receivable helps you monitor sales invoices from different operational units. Track receivables and create statements of account for each customer, reminding them of the amounts due.

It includes full aging analysis functionality, the ability to create Dunning letters (urging customers to pay their open invoices) and Customer Statements of Account, which tells customers about their open invoices.

Accounts Payable

Every company’s most central instrument of control is its payables system, which it should be able to use to analyze and learn from history. It should also be able to handle the company’s entire current financial management model, while offering strategic guidance for the future.

The payables module of Argus gives users a comprehensive overview of the business from any perspective they require.

Inventory Management

Argus Inventory is a flexible, comprehensive inventory management system that enables you to increase your inventory accuracy and customer service levels and, at the same time, reduce your carrying costs, labor costs, and inventory write-offs.

Argus Inventory helps you make faster, more accurate decisions, which is critical in today's complex global inventory environments.

Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Entry allows organizations to achieve high levels of customer service by enabling efficient entry of orders and timely delivery of goods.

Sales Order Entry is fully integrated with the Contract Management, Financial and Manufacturing modules and provides all of the necessary tools and information to allow companies to gain a competitive edge by delivering exceptional levels of customer service.

Purchase Order Processing

The procurement function is critical to ensure the necessary materials, supplies, and services are available when required. Maintaining strong vendor relationships, negotiating for favorable pricing and analyzing vendor performance can make the procurement function a profit center in your business.

By implementing Argus Purchase Order & Receiving module (P/O), you get an efficient, time-saving tool for automating your procurement functions.


Argus components for manufacturing provide a simple, highly automated flow for the many trivial tasks in combination with advanced management by exception for the vital few.

This is a powerful, multifaceted solution that supports planning, execution, control and analysis in most types of manufacturing, in all phases of the manufacturing process and for all employees in the organization.

Human Resources

There are two primary factors that determine how useful your human resource is. First, you need access to large amounts of data that are accurate and up to date. Second and equally important, your IT support must be easy to use.

Only if these two factors sync do you have a human resource system that can seriously improve and simplify operative and strategic human resource management.