Transform the way you manage your business.

With Argus ERP Finance, SoftMachine delivers a flexible, best in class software solution to the challenges faced by business in today’s economy.

Argus helps companies to support their enterprise financial information needs, from transactions to reporting and collaborative commerce.


Raise your manufacturing standard

Argus components for manufacturing provide a simple, highly automated flow for the many trivial tasks in combination with advanced management by exception for the vital few. This is a powerful, multifaceted solution that supports planning, execution, control and analysis in most types of manufacturing, in all phases of the manufacturing process and for all employees in the organization. Argus Manufacturing is designed with the detailed management of activities and the flow of materials inside the plant - including the workers, materials, machines and time utilized in production. Its unique features interface with a number of other Argus modules, allows you to quickly and efficiently create job orders and control all aspects of the order without entering a lot of unnecessary data. It provides you the added flexibility to keep on top of internal or customer-driven changes, including changes to quantity and dates, even after release.

What makes Argus streamlined manufacturing solution special is the different ways it can be used to support your operations and the different sized companies it can accommodate.

For very small companies and those running with minimal staff, the entire process of taking a sales order, creating multiple levels of dependent production orders and recording multilevel completions can be accomplished in only three transactions. Yet, the system can also be used by much larger firms with discrete responsibilities in customer service, materials management, production planning and control. And it is parameter driven to allow tailoring of the system to fit your unique environment.

The key is that Production Order Processing is a flexible manufacturing planning and execution system that supports multiple business environments, company sizes and types of industry.


Argus routing makes it easy to create and customize operations for any item that you produce. Clearly documented procedures, Updated as requirements change, help your business to run smoothly and control costs. Argus Routing is a series of steps outlining how to manufacture an item. Routings include the operation to be performed, the sequence of these operations, the work centers, employees and machines involved.

Labor Codes

Many manufacturing facilities have tiered compensation structures. Jobs requiring a higher skill level or more education are compensated at a higher rate than jobs with few or no prerequisites. By Using Argus labor code definition feature, you can define labor codes and link positions to these labor codes. You can also assign costs to each labor code, to be used in a standard costing system.

Work Centers

Specialization allows manufacturers to take advantage of economies of scale and to reduce downtime associated with moving items through the manufacturing process. Tied to the theory of specialization are manufacturing lines or work centers, where employees work in small groups on a specific set of tasks. By allowing you to create a logical, step-by step layout for your work centers, Argus helps you maximize efficiency within your plant.


Argus provides a variety of options for tracking machine operating costs, overhead costs and warranty information. The Machine Definition Setup is used to enter all the information you will need to track equipment at any location in your company. Argus allows you also to enter basic cost and overhead information which you will use in a standard cost system. A machine may be any tool or device that you use in your manufacturing process.


Argus manufacturing operations are specific tasks within the manufacturing plant. Examples of manufacturing are assembly, painting, shipping and receiving. Once you have added machines and employees to work centers, you can define the operations that each work center will perform. Argus Manufacturing Operations Setup lets you outline setup time, labor time, machine time, queue time, move time and cycle time for each task.


Manufacturers will incur some costs of manufacturing, no matter what their product is. These Overhead costs can include such things as uniforms or work gloves for employees, or periodic preventive maintenance for machines. You can include overhead costs in your actual or standard costing calculations by establishing what those costs are in advance, and entering them in the labor code/Machine overhead default setups.