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With Argus ERP Finance, SoftMachine delivers a flexible, best in class software solution to the challenges faced by business in today’s economy.

Argus helps companies to support their enterprise financial information needs, from transactions to reporting and collaborative commerce.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Successfully Manage Just-In-Time Inventories

Argus Inventory is a flexible, comprehensive inventory management system that enables you to increase your inventory accuracy and customer service levels and, at the same time, reduce your carrying costs, labor costs, and inventory write-offs. Argus Inventory helps you make faster, more accurate decisions, which is critical in today's complex global inventory environments.

Kits are one of the special item types included in Argus Inventory. Use a kit to define a group of items sold together as a unit.

Quantities are not tracked for items you designate as kits. However, current costs are associated with the items associated with the kit, and the quantity sold is tracked when these items are used at the time of sale.

You can use Argus Inventory Control to create complex pricing structures. You can define different pricing for each currency for each inventoried item Inventory Control also helps you to create multiple price levels, which you can assign to items, customers and prospects. If you are using Sales OrderProcessing or Invoicing, that information is reflected in your sales order and invoice documents.

Warehouse Management

Argus ERP gives you real-time information about inventory levels across multiple sites; tools to help you manage daily warehouse operations like inbound, storage and outbound; and visibility of available stock during sales order entry, across your distribution network. Extensive simulation capabilities help you plan for multiple warehouses and make the best decisions about purchases and inventory levels.

Inventory is probably your largest asset, you better know what's there. With Argus 2003, cycle counts guarantee the perpetual accuracy of inventory master files in Argus's core financial applications. Each time a bin is depleted to a preset threshold, the next picker at the bin is automatically required to confirm the quantity. The inherent benefits of accurate inventory counts are realized throughout the year without a need to shut down operations for dedicated inventory counting. Most auditors accept logged cycle counting as a valid alternative to physical counts.

This eliminates warehouse down time and minimizes actual time spent counting over the year while insuring maximum accuracy at all times throughout the corporation. Any order and line item backorders are reported back to the sales and inventory control systems so that they can be effectively dealt with in the whatever fashion the situation demands.

With Argus Inventory you can
  • Gain real-time visibility into your inventory to guide swift and accurate decision-making.
  • Create flexible controls and inventory tracking systems that reflect the unique way you do business today and in the future.
  • Strategically track all your demand requirements to maximize your customer service levels.
  • Design flexible put-away plans, track the physical location and transfer of items, and maintain lot and serial controls for simplified material logistics.
  • Simplify third-party label formatting and printing by creating label-specific flat files of your bar code data.
  • Print bar codes on standard reports for easy reference. Enter and maintain costing information quickly and easily, and use this information to calculate appropriate valuations easily.