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Human Resources
Human Resources

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There are two primary factors that determine how useful your human resource is. First, you need access to large amounts of data that are accurate and up to date. Second and equally important, your IT support must be easy to use. Only if these two factors sync do you have a human resource system that can seriously improve and simplify operative and strategic human resource management.

This is exactly what Argus Human Resources offers, in a manner that is unique. The key is the intelligent way we design and use the system. In our solution, all the processes in human resource administration are integrated with each other in a common database. The result is that all information is located in one place in the system, which is an enormous difference compared with having it dispersed throughout different systems.

Apart from giving you the freedom to organize your human resource planning the way you want it, Argus saves time since data only need to be entered on one occasion in one location to afford access to everyone who needs it. You are also supported throughout the entire human resource management process, from time and attendance (Attendance, Absence, Overtime, Business trips) to payroll administration and expense reporting.

Finding and keeping workers with the most competitive skill sets for meeting enterprise goals serves as a critical challenge for all businesses—successfully meeting that challenge can translate to a significant competitive advantage. In this fast-paced, high turnover economy of e-business, retaining your intellectual assets by personalizing compensation packages is one route to such success.

Argus HRMS offers total compensation solutions via several integrated applications— Payroll, Time Management, and Advanced Benefits. This dynamic package provides the only data-configurable definitions for compensation components and related calculations. The system establishes regular earnings, premium time, and deductions; benefits eligibility; and statutory calculations—all set by the end user. The result is that your organization can respond more rapidly to the ever-changing trends in compensation and benefit policies.

You can set up deduction and benefit cards that will be used as default entries for entering employee deductions and benefits. These cards also can be used to apply changes to several employees’ deduction and benefit cards at once and can be assigned to employee classes.

A deduction is an amount that can be withheld from an employee’s net, unit or gross pay. For example, donations to a charity, union dues and contributions to retirement plans could be set up as deductions.

A benefit is an amount paid on the employee’s behalf, but never directly to the employee. Benefits can be taxable, that is, the employee can be taxed on the value of the benefit received. Benefits can be calculated from net or gross pay or a deduction, as an amount per unit, or as a fixed amount.

You can automatically create many of the payroll transactions for your employees during the process of building checks. If you have a group of employees who receive a regular salary, you won’t have to enter individual transactions for the salary pay; the build checks process creates them for you, along with transactions for the applicable taxes, benefits and deductions.

Use can use the Payroll Mass Transaction Entry utility to add similar pay transactions, transaction required deductions or transaction required benefits quickly when the same transactions apply to a range of employees. You can exclude individual employee records from a mass transaction entry. For example, you might be giving all your employees a bonus, but one of them hasn’t worked at your company long enough to be eligible for bonus pay.