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With Argus ERP Finance, SoftMachine delivers a flexible, best in class software solution to the challenges faced by business in today’s economy.

Argus helps companies to support their enterprise financial information needs, from transactions to reporting and collaborative commerce.

Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable

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Your company’s most central instrument of control is its payables system. It should be able to handle the company’s entire current financial management model, while offering strategic guidance for the future.

The payables module of Argus gives users a comprehensive overview of the business from any perspective they require. At the same time, it is possible to follow and control each payable transaction in detail. Argus payables simplifies accounting, enhances control capacity at all levels of the organization, and supports change processes, whatever business your company might be in.

The core functions of the system consist of the accounting rules and the accounting system that is integrated with the general ledger. The accounting rules ensure that all payable transactions are checked and handled identically, wherever they occur, thereby minimizing the risk of error and time consuming duplication of work. Furthermore, rules can be changed without interrupting work in progress, and changes need to be made at only one point of entry in the system.

Simple Rules.There’s an old rule of thumb for payables: “If you don’t know how to book what you want to buy, then you can’t buy it.” Argus payables can insert business rules directly into the system and make them mandatory for buyers. The interface to our system can be designed and customized to every business needs where information can be tailored to the needs of each user, and mandatory purchasing rules can be fully personalized.

Automated Invoices.All payables documents are integrated with the General Ledger. Argus offers an integration setup that can be defined and implemented entirely so users only need to work with electronic documentation. A/P automatically calculates due dates, discount dates and discount amounts for all A/P transactions. And the invoice amount can be distributed to an unlimited number of G/L expense accounts. In addition, vendor credit memos, cancellations, adjustments and prepaid expenses can all be entered, giving you total control over your payables. When you need a summary of the new payables, simply print your transactions and edit as necessary. Then, when you’re ready, post the new transactions.